A to Z Dinosaur List
An ever growing list of all known dinosaurs!  Our Dino list will show you their scientific names, where they lived, what they looked like, what they ate, how they got their name, and more!

How Are Dinosaurs Classified?
Dinosaur classification is the way that scientists determine how to group these amazing creatures. Find out what different types of dinosaur species there are - and how scientists are able to determine which dinosaurs belonged to which families!

Facts and Theories
On any given day it seems like there are just as many crazy theories about Dinosaurs as there are facts.  Check out this section to find out which are true and which are not.  Also - learn the tricks to tell the difference when you hear a new one!

Dinosaur Fossils
Collecting dinosaur fossils has been a favorite past-time for many decades but what exactly are they? How are fossils formed? How and where can you expect to find them? What can we learn from them?  This section contains information on how to get started building a fossil collection of your own!

The Three Ages of Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs existed during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods. This section will teach you about these times, how they were different and about the incredible variety of life that flourished within each one!

Frequently Asked Questions about Dinosaurs
See?  You're not the only one who ever wondered about that!
This section contains an ever-growing collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about Dinosaurs.

Free Online Books about Dinosaurs
This section contains an online collection of books about dinosaurs that is free to read whenever you want.  Save some money and use our library instead of buying the book!

Free Classroom and Study Materials
We are proud to offer a broad range of free classroom resources that promote learning about Dinosaurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Check in here for ideas on how to get your students to take charge of their own learning with high quality, engaging, relevant tools designed for today’s busy teachers and parents.

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