Aragosaurus ischiaticus

  • Pronounced:  are - Agg - o - Sore - us

  • Diet:  Herbivore (Plant-Eater)

  • Name Means:  "Aragon Lizard"

  • Length:  60 feet (18 m)

  • Height:  Unknown

  • Weight:  Unknown

  • Time:  Early Cretaceous - 133 million years ago

Fossil remains for this Dinosaur have been found in Europe

Scientists have uncovered just enough of Aragosaurus to figure out that it was a large plant eater similar to Camarasaurus  It would have had a rather large, square skull and a fairly short neck for a sauropod.

Study of Aragosaurus fossils indicate that it is almost identical in many ways to, Camarasaurus  its North American cousin. The evidence gleaned from these fossils indicates that it may have been slightly more gracile.

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