Bactrosaurus johnsoni

  • Pronounced:  Back - trow -Saw-rus

  • Diet:  Herbivore (plant-eater)

  • Name Means: 

  • Length:  20 feet (6 m)

  • Height:  7 feet (2 m)

  • Weight:  1.25 tons (1,100 kilos)

  • Time: 

Fossil remains for this Dinosaur have been found in China, Russia

Bactrosaurus was a smaller duckbill dinosaur that lived in what is now Asia and Russia.

This was a very early ancestor of Lambeosaurus  another duckbill. Like its relatives, Bacrtrosaurus was a plant-eater that had many hundreds of teeth, long back legs and short front legs, and a beak on the front of its mouth for cutting and tearing tough plants.

Bactrosaurus was more powerfully built than most other hadrosaurs and was very heavy for its size. It almost appears to be a transitional animal linking Iguanodon  s with hadrosaurs, and researchers have noted that it almost looks more like an Iguanodon  than a hadrosaur.

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