Dicraeosaurus hansemanni

  • Pronounced:  dip - Low - doh - cuss

  • Diet:  Herbivore (Plant-Eater)

  • Name Means:  "Forked Lizard"

  • Length:  66 feet (20 m)

  • Height:  20 feet (6 m)

  • Weight:  15 tons (14,000 kilos)

  • Time:  Late Jurassic - 150 MYA

Fossil remains for this Dinosaur have been found in Africa

This large African long-necked (sauropod) dinosaur is not very well known. It is related to the much more famous Diplodocus from North America. It had a long tail and its neck was not quite as long, relative to its body, as that of Diplodocus.

Discovered in 1914 and on display at the Humboldt Museum in Germany, this large sauropod has not received the attention of its better known relatives. The display specimen is a composite of several individuals. The genus has two species. It is one more example of a North American dinosaur family being found in Africa.

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