Dromiceiomimus brevitertius

  • Pronounced:  dro-MEE-see-o-MYE-mus

  • Diet:  Omnivore (Meat and Plant Eater)

  • Name Means:  "Emu Mimic"

  • Length:  11-19 Feet (3.5-6m)

  • Height:  6-10 Feet (2-3m)

  • Weight:  220-1000 lbs (100-500Kg)

  • Time:  Cretaceous - 65 MYA

Fossil remains for this Dinosaur have been found in Alberta, Canada

Ornithomimus  dinosaurs may have been the fastest of all dinosaurs. They were bipeds that traveled on long, slender legs with three toes. They had large eyes for good sight, small heads with long, thin necks, and toothless beaks. Ornithomimosauria brains were large for their body size. They also had forelimbs with three claws.

Dromiceiomimus appear to have been well suited to its time and ecological niche. It was very fast, had good eyesight, and was smarter than its competitors. These qualities would have aided Dromiceiomimus in evading large predators, locating and catching its prey, and competing with herbivores for food.

Ornithomimosauria have many striking similarities to modern large flightless birds like the Ostrich and Emu. These include legs that were very long in relation to its body, and small heads with large eyes, and a long neck. Since the modern flightless birds can run very fast, it is easy to estimate that Ornithomimosauria could also generate a great deal of speed - possibly over 40 mph!

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