Masiakasaurus knopfleri

  • Pronounced:  ma - Zii - uh - kuh - Sore - us

  • Diet:  Carnivore (Meat-eater)

  • Name Means:  "Vicious Lizard"

  • Length:  7 ft.(2 meters)

  • Height:  3 ft.(1 meters)

  • Weight:  unknown

  • Time:  Late Cretaceous - 67 MYA

Fossil remains for this Dinosaur have been found in Africa

Masiakasaurus was a very strange looking dinosaur. Its front teeth stuck almost straight out from the front of its mouth. This feature was present on some flying reptiles, but it has never been found on a dinosaur.

Discovered by a team of scientists working in Madagascar, scientists think that it may have eaten a lot of fish, as the teeth could have been used to spear them in shallow water.

Masiakasaurus knopfleri was named after Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler, whose music inspired the field team.

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