Pelorosaurus conybearei

  • Pronounced:  pel - Or - o - Sore - us

  • Diet:  Herbivore (Plant-Eater)

  • Name Means:  "Monstrous Lizard"

  • Length:  80 feet (24 m)

  • Height:  40 feet (12 m)gvbf

  • Weight:  15 tons (14,000 kilos)

  • Time:  Early Cretaceous - 135 MYA

Fossil remains for this Dinosaur have been found in Europe

Pelorosaurus was the one of the first long-necked dinosaurs to be discovered. It was discovered in England in 1847 and named by pioneer dinosaur discoverer Gideon Mantell. It is a member of the same family of sauropods as Jurassic Park star Brachiosaurus. This was a huge plant-eater that had front legs longer than its back legs. This allowed the dinosaur to hold its head high above the ground to reach the tender leaves at the treetops.

The genus Pelorosaurus has been used for a number of European sauropod discoveries, some of which were later reclassified. It has been suggested that Pelorosaurus may actually be the same as Brachiosaurus. No skull material has ever been definitively assigned to this genus.

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