The World of Ancient Fossils

Life, Past and Present
The Earth, its life and how living things have evolved

Introduction to Fossils
What fossils are, how they are formed and different types of fossils

Fossils for Amateurs
Equipment needed
Where, when and how to collect fossils
Museums and other exhibits

Life of the Past

A Survey of life era by era:

Invertebrate Fossils
A systematic survey of typical groups:

  • Protozoans

  • Sponges

  • Coelenterates; Corals

  • Bryozoans

  • Brachiopods

  • Annelids; Worms

  • Arthropods; like Trilobites

  • Echinoderms

  • Mollusks

  • Graptolites

Vertebrate Fossils
A look at some common groups:

  • Fish

  • Amoeba

  • Reptiles

  • Birds

  • Mammals

A brief survey of some common fossil plants, their evolution and their identification

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